Our Story

Why Choose Sundaise?

Because we're on a mission to change the way you feel about getting dressed. There's no such thing as the right age, shape or size to wear the things you love. With bright designs and fits made to flex, we create clothes that give you the freedom to express yourself in full colour (just how it should be!)

So, whether you're moving your body, getting out and about or taking time to recharge, you'll feel vibrant, comfy and 100% yourself with Sundaise.

As a Woman, Have You Ever Felt Under Pressure To Look & Act a Certain Way?

"Be productive. Don't eat that. Exercise to look good. read this type of book. Avoid prints to look smaller. Wear makeup, but never too much."

With all this pressure to look a certain way from outside, it's easy to feel disconnected from the things that actually bring us joy on the inside.

We find ourselves compromising who we are - and what actually makes us feel good - all for this glossy idea of who we should be.

It's Time To Change The Narrative.

Instead of doing what's expected, let's do - and wear - what feels authentically good.

Let's exercise because it energises us. Throw on our boldest, brightest patterns. Eat whatever tastes delicious and makes our bodies feel strong.

At Sundaise, we celebrate the gloriously imperfect. We want to show what real life looks like and people as they truly are. No limits. No compromises. Just you, beautifully and wonderfully real.

Why Sundaise?

Sunday is that day of week with no expectations. No work, no pressure to be out living your 'best life' - just a day for yourself and whatever's important to you.

Maybe that's taking a long walk, getting cosy with a book or drinking coffee with friends. It could be an exercise class that gets you energised to tackle the week ahead, or a long lunch that gets you ready for an afternoon on the sofa.

Whatever you do, there's nothing better than taking a moment to connect with the things that bring you joy. This is what inspires Sundaise, and it's why we make clothes to help you feel your lightest, brightest self - every day of the week.

This is How Sundaise Gets You Feeling Like a Sunday Morning - Every Day

Keep Things Colourful

Prints look amazing on everyone - whether you're nineteen or ninety-nine and whatever your shape and size. With playful patterns and mood-boosting hues, our pieces bring a retro twist to your everyday. After all, nothing gets you feeling vibrant and sunny like a pop of colour.

Keeping Things Comfortable

Because you don't always know how the day will unfold, all of our clothing is designed to move with you - from exercising to relaxing to exploring. A wide range of sizes help you find the perfect fit, and we only choose high-quality fabric that feel great against your skin.

Keeping Things Sustainable

Instead of haling piles of clothes sitting in a warehouse, we choose to cut, print and stitch each Sundaise piece to order. So whilst we don't offer lightning-fast delivery (sorry, not sorry!), we can promise we're reducing waste and carefully making high-quality, trusty-favourite type pieces that you can wear over and over.

So, Why Wait? If You're Ready To...

Live life in full colour

Feel comfy and vibrant all day

And more than anything else…

Change the narrative on who can wear what and when

Choose Sundaise Today