The Narrative.

Shake up what you wear. Tear down what people think. Now’s the time to bring the bold, the bright and show up for you.

Designed For Everyone & Every Body

We know imperfections are beautiful - and we’re okay with letting go. That’s why we make high quality, stylish and modern outfits for every woman. Want to get out there? Want to take it slow? This is your choice. This is your perfect fit.

Clear Minds, Positive Attitudes

Sundaise pieces move with you. From morning yoga to a coffee date to grooving in your front room, our outfits are made to follow wherever your day takes you. They’re workout clothes and they’re chillout clothes - whatever you’re up to, we want you to feel like a sunny Sunday morning.

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Life in Colour

Taking inspiration from the patterns and carefree feel of retro fashion, each of our luxury athletic wear prints is zested up with a nostalgic twist. And because we think what you wear really shapes how you feel, we’re big fans of keeping things bold and bright. After all, life’s better with a little colour.

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Intentional Slow Fashion

It’s hard to feel comfortable in your clothes if their origins have some uncomfy truths. That’s why we’re committed to being a sustainable brand. Printing and stitching each of our garments to order reduces waste - and carefully choosing high-quality fabrics lets you wash, wear and love your clothes for years to come.

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